Colors on Parade Raleigh

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Our Services

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal or (PDR) is an art that takes many years of practice to perfect. At Colors on Parade we not only have that expereince, but owner LLoyd Lind been recognized by Vale as a certified Master Craftsman.

Bumper Repairs

Body shops loves to replace bumpers! They see big profits in those torn, warped, dented, gouged, scratched, plastic covers. By fixing the damaged bumpers we save you money and retain the factory parts, which are often identified by a vin number matching the vehicle, which is lost when replacing the bumper.

Clear Coat Scratch Repair

 Our special processes used nationwide at dealerships is now available to you! We can rebuild the missing clearcoat in very deep scratches that cant be polished out with a buffer. This alternative to painting panels for deep scratches can save you vasts amounts of money!

Larger Repairs

We also fix damage from light collision as well. Our above processes allow us to provide you with an exceptional repair everytime- guaranteed!